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Payment Reminders: Paying from a scheduled notification.

Paying from a reminder notification.

Updated over a week ago

You've managed to set up a reminder for a payment on the NALA app. What's next? You can complete a successful transaction from the payment by following these steps:

  1. Click on the notification in the notification bar. You will be directed to the app.

  2. Once logged in, the payment reminder screen will populate the homepage asking that you 'Continue' with the payment.

  3. Click on the Continue button and confirm the transaction amount.

  4. Do a final confirmation of the payment method and 'Send Money'.

With just these 4 easy steps, you have completed a transaction previously scheduled. Refer the attached video for reference.

Should you need any further clarity on the Payment Reminders feature, please feel free to contact the NALA customer support team on

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