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What is the Payment Reminders feature, and how does it work?
What is the Payment Reminders feature, and how does it work?

Schedule payments with NALA on the App. Get reminders as often as needed.

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What are Payment Reminders?

Payment Reminders are a feature designed to help you stay organised with your finances by scheduling reminders for upcoming transactions. Whether it's a one-time payment or a recurring one to family or friends, NALA will ensure that you receive timely push notifications. Forget ever missing a payment again.

What is the value of having Payment Reminders?

Payment Reminders offer two key benefits:

  • Staying on top of financial commitments: You'll never forget an upcoming transaction with our reminders. Schedule reminders for one-time or recurring payments and receive push notifications to keep you on track.

  • Faster payment execution: With just a few taps, approve your pre-scheduled transaction, making it quick and easy to execute regular payments.

How can I set up a Payment Reminder?

You can set up a Payment Reminder in two ways:

  • From Settings: Open the Payment Reminder tab in the Settings menu to create your first reminder.

  • From a previous transaction: Simply open any previous transaction you’d like to repeat, click on the 'Repeat transfer' button, and select ‘Schedule payment reminder’.

What scheduling options are available for Payment Reminders?

You have flexibility in scheduling your reminders, including:

  • Start date and time: Choose any time and date that is at least 1 hour from the time you are scheduling the reminder.

  • Repeat options: Select from options such as Don't Repeat, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, or Monthly.

Can I edit or delete a Payment Reminder?

Yes, you have full control over your reminders. You can edit or delete them as you please, as long as the time to execute is at least 1 hour from the time of scheduling.

How do I complete a transaction prepared by a Payment Reminder?

Once you receive the push notification for your Payment Reminder, simply tap on it. You will be asked to confirm whether to continue with the payment. From here, you will only need to confirm the amount and authorise the payment. Just a few taps, saving you time and hassle.

Should you require more assistance on how to schedule payment reminders, kindly contact the Mama NALA team via chat or send an email to

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