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Payment Reminders: Setting up Reminders on the App.

How to set up payment reminders on the NALA app.

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So, you have recurrent payments that you don't want to miss because they are time sensitive or because they are a personal commitment? NALA is here to help! NALA's Payment Reminders feature is here to make sure you never miss a single recurrent payment. This feature allows you to create repetitive notifications for payments you anticipate to make on a regular basis.

How do I set up payment reminders?

From the Settings Tab.

  1. Open the profile icon on the top right side of the screen when logged into the app.

  2. Click on the 'Payment Reminders' tab on the menu listed.

  3. Create a new reminder on the next page. Here, you will be required to confirm:

    1. Which of your recipients you would want to set up reminders for.

    2. Once you have selected the recipient, confirm the amount to send.

    3. Add in how often the reminders should come. The options here include Do not Repeat, Weekly, Every 2 weeks and Monthly.

    4. Set a date and time for when you want the reminders sent to you.

  4. Finish by saving the changes and you're all set! 🙌

From a Previous Transaction.

  1. Select a transaction you would want to repeat from your transaction history list.

  2. Click 'Repeat Transfer' at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Select 'Schedule Payment Reminder' from the options provided.

  4. Your recipient and amount details will come pre-filled from the transaction details.

  5. Finish the set up by confirming the repeat frequency, date and time when the reminders should be sent to you and save.

With these steps, you have now completed setting up your recurring reminders to make payments on the NALA app.

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