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Why does my card require 3D-Secure when making payments?
Why does my card require 3D-Secure when making payments?
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Your card utilises 3D Secure (3DS) to ensure that your payments are secure and authorised only by you. It's a straightforward security measure!

What is 3DS?

3DS is an additional layer of security widely adopted by banks to verify the cardholder's identity before completing a transaction. This extra step adds a crucial level of protection to prevent unauthorised transactions and safeguard your bank account from potential fraud.

How does it work?

When making a payment, your bank will send you a prompt, often via SMS, email, or in-app notification, asking you to confirm that you are initiating the payment. This confirmation process helps ensure that only authorised users are conducting transactions, enhancing the security of your financial activities.

While 3DS is mandatory for card payments in Europe, it's optional in other regions. At NALA, we prioritise the security of all our users.

As of now, we exclusively accept card payments authorised using 3DS.

Our commitment to your security:

This additional layer of security is in place to give our customers confidence, allowing them to make safe and secure payments through the app. If you have questions or need further clarification, contact our support team via Mama NALA on the app or email us at

Your safety and security with NALA are paramount to us.

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