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What types of documents does NALA accept for account verification?
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We understand the importance of ensuring a secure and seamless verification process. To meet our commitment to transparency, simplicity, and user-centricity, we've outlined the accepted documents for identity verification based on your location.

For UK 🇬🇧 customers:

  1. Passport (photo page only)

  2. National ID card (excluding Kenyan National ID cards - for now)

  3. Driver's license

  4. BRP - British Biometric Residence Permit

For EU 🇪🇺 customers:

  1. Passport (photo page only)

  2. Driver's license

  3. National ID (excluding Kenyan IDs)

  4. Residence permit

For US 🇺🇸 customers:

We accept the following forms of Identification documents

  1. General Identity Verification:

  2. State-issued driver's license

  3. Driver's Permit

  4. State ID card

  5. Military ID

  6. Military dependent's ID

  7. Passport (both pages)

  8. Passport Card (front and back of card)

To ensure a smooth verification process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Submit only clear images or PDF files; screenshots or scans are not accepted.

  2. Ensure all four corners of the document are visible, with the required information clearly displayed.

  3. Verify that all documents are current; expired IDs or statements issued over 60 days ago cannot be accepted.

  4. For photo IDs, provide images of both the front and back.

  5. Hand-sign all documents with a signature requirement; electronic signatures, except for leases, are not accepted.

  6. Temporary IDs and P.O. Box addresses are not valid for verification purposes.

It's crucial to note that safeguarding your information is our top priority. All data, financial details, or documents provided to us are securely stored, encrypted, and treated with utmost confidentiality per our privacy policy.

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