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How do I verify my NALA account?
How do I verify my NALA account?
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Verifying your NALA account is a simple process designed with the NALA user in mind. Follow these steps to guide you through the verification process:

  1. Open your NALA and go to the ‘Home’ screen.

  2. Click on the banner that says ‘Final step: Verify your Identity ✅.’

  3. Then follow the prompts to complete verification.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide

What happens next?

We'll notify you once your account is verified. Check the email you use to create your NALA account or be on the lookout for a chat notification from Mama NALA on the app.

The account verification process is usually instantaneous (98% of cases are verified instantly). However, if it takes longer than expected, consider the following scenarios:

1. An issue verifying your document:

  • Ensure you submit accepted documents. See the complete list [here].

  • Documents should be clear images or PDF file versions. Please avoid screenshots or scans.

  • All corners must be visible, and information should be clear and easily readable.

  • Make sure documents are current, with a validity period of 60 days. Front and back images may be required for IDs. Hand-signed signatures are necessary for documents with signature requirements.

2. You might be trying to create a duplicate account. You can only create one NALA account.

3. Manual check for security and compliance:

Occasionally, we will conduct a manual check on the documents provided to comply with the regulatory bodies governing NALA. If you have any questions or require further clarification, don't hesitate to contact us through our in-app chat or email

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