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Why do I need to take a selfie to verify my NALA account?
Why do I need to take a selfie to verify my NALA account?

Selfie for verification

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Verifying your identity with a selfie is crucial in opening your NALA account. This helps to protect your account and personal information. By matching your selfie with the ID you provided, we can confirm that you are the account's true owner and it is being opened with your consent.

As a financially regulated company, we are required by law to follow 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) and 'Customer Due Diligence' (CDD) regulations, which help prevent fraudulent activities, such as money laundering, and ensure the safety of our customers' funds.

Unlike traditional banks, where you would visit the bank physically to verify your identity, NALA offers digital banking services. Thus, we need to verify your ID digitally for a fast, secure, and convenient process.

What if I can't take the selfie?

We need the selfie to verify your identity. So if you can't take the selfie on your own device, you won't be able to open a NALA account. Please see the video attached on how to take a selfie on the NALA Application. Feel free to reach out to NALA support if you still face challenges with taking the selfie.

Please note that protecting your information is very important to us. All data, financial details, or documents you give us are stored securely, encrypted, and kept private as per our privacy policy.

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