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Why has my transfer failed to be delivered?
Why has my transfer failed to be delivered?
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Below are a few of the reasons as to why the transfer might have failed:

  1. An incorrect phone number or bank account number was entered. Double-check that you have the right details entered.

  2. The recipient's name used does not match that registered in the bank. Ensure the name of the recipient matches the bank's record while creating the recipient. See more here on how to create a recipient.

  3. The recipient's number is not registered for mobile money transfers with Telco. Confirm this with the recipient before making the transfer.

  4. The recipient account has reached the maximum account limits i.e maximum account balance or maximum daily transaction value. Read more about limits here

  5. There's a technical issue with the beneficiary's bank or telco.

Whenever this happens, the NALA team will proactively let you know what you need to do. We also encourage you to reach out to Mama Nala to understand the reason for your failed transfer.

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