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How do I send money to bank accounts?
Updated over a week ago

To SEND money to a bank account;

  1. Click on the "Send" icon in the middle of the bottom screen in the NALA app.

  2. Select "Send to a bank account."

  3. Click on "Add a bank recipient" to create a new recipient. To add a recipient here, you can either "Create new recipient" or "Add to an existing recipient." (In case you are creating a new recipient, select the bank and then add the bank account number*)

  4. Click "Save and send". You will see a screen allowing you to key in the amount you would like to send and the amount the recipient will receive.

  5. Click "Continue."

  6. Proceed to select the payment method. This can either be a "Bank Transfer" or a "Card Payment", and click "Continue."

  7. Review the transaction details and then confirm the bank or card you would like to use, and then authorize the payment.

  8. Track the transaction status.

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