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I accidentally sent money to the wrong recipient account or money. Can I get a refund for my payment?
I accidentally sent money to the wrong recipient account or money. Can I get a refund for my payment?
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Sending money with NALA is a fast and convenient process. However, it's crucial to exercise caution to avoid errors. Unfortunately, NALA cannot guarantee a refund for transactions with such errors.

Can I cancel the transfer?

We understand that mistakes can be made. To cancel a transfer that has not yet been authorised:

Log in to your NALA account and find the transfer in question — it should be marked as "in progress". You can cancel your transfer if your money is on its way to us, or your money’s being processed and you have not authenticated the transfer.

If you send money to the wrong recipient or do not wish to continue the transaction, get in touch with Mama NALA via the in-app chat. For reversal requests, we will reach out to our banking partner to log in a reversal request for the transfer. It may take a few days to reverse the transfer as it involves a number of different parties.

In cases where the transaction is still pending, we will be unable to cancel or reverse the transfer until we get its final status. The reason for this is that:

When you make a transaction we immediately send it to our partner who then sends it to the bank or mobile account. In some cases where this money has been sent and is pending, we are unable to determine whether it will fail or be successfully processed This means we cannot reprocess it to a different number or even refund it until we get word that the issue delaying it has been resolved.

Can NALA guarantee a refund for transfers to incorrect recipients?

Retrieving the money becomes challenging for NALA and its payment partners if the recipient opts to cash out the funds. In such cases, it may be impossible to recover the funds.

How long does it take for a reversal?

Reversals typically take a few days or weeks to process as they involve the recipient's consent; the timeline depends on their responsiveness.

What happens if a reversal is successful?

In the event of a successful reversal, NALA will ensure you receive a refund for the erroneous transaction.

Can I cancel a reversal request?

NALA cannot cancel the reversal process when you initiate a reversal request. We would have to wait for a final update from the payout partners.

Remember: It's essential to double-check all transaction details before confirming any money transfers to avoid potential issues.

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