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Why is my transaction taking so long?
Why is my transaction taking so long?
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Cross-border payments involve multiple partners and compliance processes regulated by financial bodies. While delays are rare, they can occur due to various reasons.

Common reasons for transfer delays

  • Incorrect details: Ensure the accuracy of the recipient's phone number or bank account information.

  • Technical issues: Delays can result from technical problems with the beneficiary's bank or telecommunications service.

  • Transfer timing: The transfer may fall outside the processing window of the involved banks.

  • Security and compliance checks: Necessary checks are conducted to ensure your safety and compliance with regulatory bodies.

Can I cancel a delayed transfer?

Regrettably, once a transfer is initiated, we cannot cancel it because the funds are submitted to our payout partners, and we may still need the final status of the transaction. However, rest assured that we work closely with our partners to resolve any issues promptly. Our commitment is to keep you informed throughout this process.

What if there's a technical issue with the beneficiary's bank or telco?

Technical issues on the beneficiary's end can contribute to delays. NALA is actively working with partners to address and resolve such issues.

How does the timing of the transfer impact its speed?

Transfers made before or after the bank's processing window may experience delays. It's advisable to consider the timing of your transfer for optimal processing.

Why do security and compliance checks contribute to delays?

These checks are essential to uphold the safety of your funds and comply with government regulations. While they may cause delays, they are crucial for maintaining a secure and compliant financial environment.

How will I be informed about my transfer status?

NALA provides upfront information on when your money will arrive. Additionally, you will receive regular updates through email and in-app chat once you initiate the transfer.

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