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Why should I use NALA?

Why use NALA?

Updated over a week ago

Our service is a secure, efficient, and affordable way to send money to loved ones. With NALA, you can send money with confidence, knowing that as soon as you confirm your transaction in the app, the money will arrive with your loved ones.

Here are other cool things about NALA that make others stick with us.

  • No hidden fee, no surprise charges — We only add a tiny percentage mark-up on the exchange rate that you see on the main page of the application.

  • Real-time delivery— We credit transfers to your recipients' account straight away.

  • Real-time transaction status — You get to see where the money sent is, at every stage before being received by the recipient.

  • Instant repeat a transfer — You can swipe left on the transaction you've made before, to resend it. No need to enter all of your recipient details every time you send money

  • Detailed transaction history — NALA has a clean and detailed payment history that can be exported instantly in PDF or Excel.

  • Multilingual chat support in Swahili and English

Find out more here about NALA

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