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Apple Pay on NALA
Updated over a week ago

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make payments using an iOS (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac) device. You can now make Apple pay transfers with NALA if you have enabled it on your device. 🤩

How to pay using Apple Pay.

You can make Apple pay transfers with NALA if you have enabled it on your device. Check out this video guide or the steps below:

Here are the steps broken down:
1. Click on the "Send" icon in the middle of the bottom screen in the NALA app.

2. Select "Send to a bank account" or "Send to a Phone Number"

3. Proceed with adding a recipient or choosing an existing recipient

4. Choose the amount you want to transfer to the recipient and click "Continue"

5. Select Apple Pay as the Payment method.

6. Choose a card in your Apple Pay that you would like to use in the transaction and double-click to pay

7. Track the transaction status✈️.

Can I use a credit card if I link it to my Apple Pay?

At the moment, we do not support credit cards as payment methods on the NALA app. You can only make card payments using your personal debit card in the US. This is because processing credit or prepaid card payments involves higher charges, which may be passed to you. We aim to save you money each time you make a transfer, hence opt not to use prepaid cards to keep the cost to you as small as possible.

Are there fees imposed when using Apple Pay?

When you use Apple Pay to send money with NALA, you don't have to worry about any hidden or extra fees. However, please keep in mind that we will add a small markup to the exchange rate to ensure that you and the recipient get the best value for your money.

For bank transfers, we introduced a tiny fee to help cover bank charges. See (article).

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