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How does the person I'm sending to receive their money?
How does the person I'm sending to receive their money?
Updated over a week ago

The person you are sending money to can receive the money directly to their mobile wallet or to their bank account.

For Mobile Money (MoMo) transactions, the money will be in the same mobile wallet account as their other mobile money, and they can use the mobile money in any way they like, including to withdraw cash from a mobile money agent, to pay bills or to top up airtime. The customer will receive an SMS from their MoMo provider and one from NALA to notify them of received funds.

Mobile money agents are everywhere in the countries we offer sending services to, so you can be sure that your loved ones will be able to easily withdraw their money in cash at a location convenient to them.

For transfers to bank accounts, customers will receive an SMS from their banks notifying them of the settled transactions. Please note that the SMS notification sent to bank account recipients is sent from the bank, and bank processes may differ. If the recipient has not received a notification, advise them to log into their account to verify the balance.

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