If you are sending to a mobile money account, then, we send 2 SMSes:

  1. SMS 1 from the Mobile Money network provider in that country. This SMS includes:

    1. Amount you sent

    2. Date and Time

    3. Txn ID (from Telcom)

    4. Disbursement partner (bank of payment aggregator we are working within that country to deliver the money)

  2. SMS 2 from NALA. This SMS includes:

    1. Your first name and last name.

    2. Amount you sent

    3. Which wallet (mobile money network) the money was delivered to

    4. Customized message (if you added one)

    5. Example: Hello! Irene Mwangi sent you 350,000 KES to your MPESA wallet using NALA with this message: Money for Davids school fees.

What if you the person received SMS1 and didn't get SMS2?

In a few countries - such as Uganda, sometimes the Telco doesn't always deliver SMS2. This is because the person you are sending money to may have turned off "promotional messages" which is what this would, unfortunately, fall under. It's not always in our control as NALA as it's by the recipient's choice.

If that is the case the user will only receive SMS1.

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