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How to protect yourself and secure your account from APP fraud
How to protect yourself and secure your account from APP fraud
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If you suspect you have been the victim of APP fraud, immediately call your bank using the number on the back of your credit or debit card and report the incident.

How can I safeguard myself from APP fraud?

Never click on links in emails or SMS messages without verifying the sender's legitimacy. Exercise caution and be sceptical of unsolicited communication.

What if someone instructs me to download an app to 'secure my account'?

If someone directs you to download an app to "secure" your account, hang up immediately and report the incident to your bank, the police, or the app's customer service team. Legitimate institutions don't ask users to download apps for security purposes.

What can I do if I'm suspicious of a contact I've received?

If someone claiming to be a bank directs you to download an app, conduct a quick internet search on the app. For example, NALA is a money transfer app used for transactions from the UK, EU, and US to Africa. Be cautious if the app's purpose doesn't align with the claimed security measure.

You can also search for the email address or the phone number used to contact you online. If not associated with your bank or in a foreign country, then you know it is a scam; delete and report the message. If you can, block the sender to avoid further messages.

What should I do if I realise I've been scammed after transferring funds?

Immediately contact the app's customer service team and report the incident. Swift action increases the chances of retrieving or salvaging the funds.

If you ever doubt the legitimacy of a transaction or suspect that you've fallen victim to fraud, please take these steps:

  1. Contact us: Immediately send an email to to report your concerns.

  2. Avoid social media: Do not share details of suspected scams or suspicious transactions on social media, as this can compromise your security. Instead, reach out to us directly via email or the chat feature on your NALA app.

  3. Temporary account restriction: In cases of suspected fraud, we may temporarily restrict your account to safeguard your funds while we investigate your report.

Your safety is our priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way. For more tips on how to stay safe whilst managing your money, check out this article.

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