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How to protect yourself from phishing scams
How to protect yourself from phishing scams

How can I protect myself from phishing/smishing/vishing?

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Call your bank: When a strange number calls you claiming to be from your bank, quickly hang up and call the customer service line on the back of your debit card to report the incident. If you realise that you have already shared sensitive information, contact your bank to restrict your account and report the incident.

Spam filters: Use spam filters in your email inbox. This will automatically sift through incoming emails that look like scams and flag them.

Secure passwords: Do not use the same password for different emails or accounts. Also, refrain from using obvious passwords that could be easily hacked.

Top tip: Use secure password providers that could help better secure your accounts.

Use 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication): Use two separate, distinct forms of identification to secure your account. This could be a combination of biometrics (fingerprint authentication or face recognition) and a code sent to your smartphone (or email).

Check if the website is secure: You can do this using the secure sockets layer (SSL), which is a protocol that provides privacy, authentication and security to internet communications. The quickest way is to hover over the link and check if it starts with "https".

If you ever suspect that you've fallen victim to fraud, please take these steps:

  1. Contact us: Immediately send an email to to report your concerns.

  2. Avoid social media: Do not share details of suspected scams or suspicious transactions on social media, as this can compromise your security. Instead, reach out to us directly via email or the chat feature on your NALA app.

  3. Temporary account restriction: In cases of suspected fraud, we may temporarily restrict your account to safeguard your funds while we investigate your report.

Your safety is our priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way. For more tips on how to stay safe whilst managing your money, check out this article.

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