The requirements for increasing your NALA transaction limits may vary depending on factors such as the type of your NALA account, your transaction history and the purpose of your transfers. Our team will review your account details and ask for any additional information they may need.

Oftentimes, we may require details such as

  • The purpose of your transfer and

  • The source of your funds.

to ensure that the limits we set for you are the best fit for your needs, and also help us in the fight against money laundering and keeping everyone's money safe.

To request an increase in your transaction limits, you can reach out to us through in-app chat (Mama NALA) or email (

Please note that the process of reviewing and approving limit increase requests typically takes a couple of business days.

Rest assured that any information you provide to us through our app or website is protected by our Privacy Policy and will always be kept safe and secure.

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