We base our price comparisons on data we've taken from other providers' websites, on specific dates and times.

Some providers don't make their fees and exchange rates publicly available. In those cases, we use their service for bank-to-bank transfers - just as if we were customers - right until the point of paying. We do this multiple times, and we enter different amounts of money.

The comparison table shows how much it costs a customer to send money internationally, between the currencies specified, using each of the providers we've listed. It also shows the amount the recipient gets.

In case you want to know more, we've explained what all the different bits of our comparison table mean - and how we work them out.

1. The transfer fee

The 'transfer fee' is simply how much the provider says it costs to use their service online. We only compare costs for online transfers from banks (open banking/debit card) to bank / mobile money accounts.

2. The exchange rate

The 'exchange rate' represents the exchange rate for each provider. We record the exchange rate each provider is offering on their website at that specific time we shared the rate.

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