Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will get a refund for funds sent to the wrong recipient.

Here's why:

When you send money through the NALA app, the funds are sent to the recipient you have input when sending money. The money is thus sent immediately but can either be instantly delivered or take a few days (for some bank transfers).

We can however log in a request to reverse the transfer in an attempt to recover the funds. Despite this best effort on NALA’s part, reversal is not always guaranteed given that we have no control over what the incorrect recipient does with the money when they receive it. The outcome purely depends on the integrity of the person who was credited erroneously. If they choose to cash out it's basically impossible for us to get the money back.

But in the event that the funds are either partially or fully reversed, we will definitely ensure that you are refunded for your payment.

💡 We always recommend you always double-check payment details when creating a new recipient to ensure all of the information you've entered is accurate prior to transacting.

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