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What countries can I send and receive money to and from using NALA?
How does NALA compare rates?
Can I pay using a credit card on the NALA (US) app?
Why does my card require 3D-Secure when making payments?
What is Apple Pay?
Why is there a fee when sending money to a bank account?
Are there extra fees for using Apple Pay?
What is Buy Goods and Pay Bill?
Can I use a credit card from my Apple Pay to complete a transfer?
Why do Nala exchange rates vary for different amounts £1 and £10, £100 etc?
Do I have to upload my identity documents during the sign up process?
Will my recipient be charged for receiving the money I send using Nala?
Why has my transfer failed to be delivered?
Do I have to use my US number when I sign up?
Will my transfer be delivered if I enter the wrong recipient name?
When will bank transfers be available?
When will I get my Refer a Friend reward?
Can I use a card that is not in the primary currency of my country of registration?
Which 🇬🇭 Ghanaian banks can I send to?
What do I need to make sure of when uploading my verification documents?
Why do you need me to upload my identity documents?
Which 🇺🇬 Ugandan banks can I send to?
Can I pay using a bank transfer?
Which 🇹🇿 Tanzanian banks can I send to?
How long does it take to send my money?
Why is my transaction taking so long?
Why do I need to enter the full recipient details?
Which 🇰🇪 Kenyan banks can I send to?
NALA has not detected hardware security features on your device.
How long does my refund take?
How do I cancel a transaction?
Why should I use NALA?
How does NALA make money?
What exchange rate does NALA use?
What is the maximum amount I can send?
How will the person I'm sending money to know when it arrives?
I accidentally sent money to the wrong recipient account or money. Can I get a refund for my payment?
How long does it take for my payment to arrive?
How does the person I'm sending to receive their money?
What if the country I want to send to isn’t covered?
Which Nigerian 🇳🇬 banks can I send to?
Bank Transfer fees for transacting to Pay Bill and Buy Goods Services to Kenya.
Updated Pay Bill fees to Kenya.
Pay for your Transaction with iDeal
What is 3D secure (3DS) and why do I need it?
What is a Peer to Peer (P2P) Transaction?
How to Send Funds Using Peer to Peer (P2P).
What is the NALA Claus Campaign?
How do I qualify for the NALA Claus Campaign Rewards?
Can I use NALA in Egypt? 🇪🇬
What is the Payment Reminders feature, and how does it work?
Payment Reminders: Paying from a scheduled notification.
Payment Reminders: Setting up Reminders on the App.