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How to Pay using iDeal
How to Pay using iDeal

step by step process on how to use iDeal to pay for a transaction on NALA.

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Looking to pay for your NALA transaction from your bank account? iDeal offers you a safe and secure way of transferring funds from your account, hassle-free. Kindly follow the steps below to use iDeal as your preferred method of funding your transaction:

1. Initiate Transfer:

- Log in to the app using the email address you used to register with NALA.

- Start a transfer to a new or existing recipient by clicking on 'Send'.

2. Enter Transfer Amount:

- Specify the amount you wish to send to the recipient.

3. Review and Select Payment Method:

- Key in the amount you wish to send to your recipient and click on 'Continue'.

- Look for 'iDeal' in the list of payment method options.

- Choose 'iDeal' as your preferred payment method.

4. Proceed to Pay for the Transaction:

- Tap on 'Send money' after selecting 'iDeal' from the payment options list.

5. Select Your Bank:

- A list of included banks will appear.

- Pick your bank from this list.

6. Log In to Your Bank Account:

- You will be redirected to your bank's online banking platform.

- Log in using your usual credentials.

7. Confirm Payment:

- Double-check the payment details already filled in.

- Follow your bank's instructions to authorise the payment.

8. Receive Transfer Progress Confirmation:

- Once payment is authorised, you'll be taken back to the NALA app.

- You will see that the transfer is in progress.

9. Confirm Successful Transfer:

- Allow a few minutes for the money to reach NALA.

- Check your activity feed on the homepage.

- Confirm the completed transfer (this could take up to an hour).

In case you experience any challenges, please feel free to reach out to our support team via

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