You can now earn money by inviting your friends to use NALA. Here’s how it works (full terms of service here):

  1. Your friend signs up with your unique referral code

  2. They send the specified amount

  3. You’ll receive a reward that you can use towards your next transaction*

For every friend that signs up with your unique referral code and sends the specified minimum amount, we’ll credit your account!

When the person with whom you’ve shared your referral code decides to sign up for a NALA account, make sure they add your invite code in the invite code field on the sign-up form.

The moment your friend sends the minimum send amount, we’ll credit your account with your earned reward.

Click here to see the minimum send and reward amounts.

* Please note that NALA is still building-out the capability for you to be able to spend your reward amount. NALA will notify you as soon as this has been built and you are able to spend what you’ve earned!

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