Instructions on completing Bulk Payments CSV template

  • For Personal account recipients, add First Name and Surname, leave business Name blank.

  • For Business account recipients, add Business Name and leave First Name and Surname Name fields blank.

  • Complete Origin Currency using the relevant ISO 4217 Currency Code:

    • GBP (Pounds Sterling).

  • Complete Beneficiary Currency using the relevant ISO 4217 Currency Code:

    • KES (Kenyan Shilling).

    • UGX (Ugandan Shilling).

    • TZS (Tanzanian Shilling).

    • RWF (Rwandan Franc).

  • Complete Beneficiary Country using the relevant ISO 3166 Country Code (Alpha-2 code);

    • KE (Kenya).

    • TZ (Tanzania).

    • UG (Uganda).

    • RW (Rwanda).

    • GH (Ghana).

  • Input either Send Amount or Receive Amount, stating the value of the amount to be sent or received in the relevant Send/Receive currency.

  • If Send Amount and Receive Amount are both entered, NALA will default the value to the Send Amount.

  • Add Mobile Number with or without the Mobile Country Code. And you are all set to make your bulk payment with NALA!

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