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How does Bulk Payments work?
How does Bulk Payments work?
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NALA for Business Bulk Payments

The NALA for Business Bulk payments feature allows you to create and release many payments to mobile money beneficiaries across sub-Saharan Africa at once. Please note that there is a limit of 200 payment entries for a single CSV file. A bulk payment is automatically sent in individual separate transfers.

To submit a bulk payment:

  • Click ‘Send Bulk’ on the NALA for Business Web Portal

  • Download the Bulk Payments CSV template from the NALA for Business Web Portal

  • Complete the CSV template, based on the “Completing Bulk Payments CSV template

  • Once completed, upload the Bulk Payments CSV Template onto the NALA for Business Portal

  • This will create a Bulk Payments File on the NALA for Business Web Portal

  • Any errors will be flagged at this stage in the process

  • Once the Bulk Payments File has been created, take the time to review each individual transfer, to ensure that there are no errors in the file

  • Select “Review and Submit” in order to select which of your NALA Wallets the funds should be debited from

  • Review the entire Bulk Payments transaction, including Total Amount Sent, Total Amount Paid, FX Rate and Wallet Balance After Transaction

  • If you are happy with the Send Bulk Confirmation, hit “Submit Transaction” and your funds will be sent to the beneficiaries.

In case you have issues uploading bulk payments template, double check the error on the screen – it indicates the type of issue you're having, and where it is within the template. If your issues persist, please reach out and raise a request with Mama NALA.

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