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How to skip the NALA early access list
How to skip the NALA early access list
Updated over a week ago

Since we launched our early access beta and the in-app waiting list we’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s support and the number of sign-ups we’ve received.

Of course, with more referrals, we’re seeing more people added to the waiting list every day (great for us!).

However, on the flip side, as we’re in Beta we’re trying to scale responsibly, fixing bugs as we go to give you the best experience using NALA 🥂

In the meantime, we think it’s fair to manage the queue by rewarding those of you who help us out and refer your friends.

That’s why we’re able to bump some users up the queue.

We hope you understand that it’s important for us to manage the rollout process so that everyone’s experience using the app is the best it could be.

Of course, knowing that doesn’t make it any less annoying if you’re the one at the back of the queue, but we really appreciate your patience 😇

Otherwise, feel free to message us with Mama NALA (the help icon in the top right corner) and we might be able to let you off the waitlist 🤓

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